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ALCAN Systems GmbH ALCAN Systems GmbH


ALCAN is the smart antenna company focusing on a new low-cost flat panel antenna system (FPA) that represents a technological breakthrough in satellite and cellular communication.                                 

Smart antennas which are flat, ultra-thin and able to adjust its beam electronically without any moving parts, will allow them to be mounted on moving vehicles (cars, trains, airplanes, ships etc.) to track all satellites (GEO, MEO & LEO) as well as 5G cellular networks. 

Existing Antennas Inadequate: Existing dish antenna have a static beam that transmits/receives the signal to/from a set direction. To scan the entire visible space, a gyroscopic controlled mechanical system that moves the whole antenna is needed. This leads to an antenna that is bulky, lacks aerodynamic qualities and has high costs, making it impractical to deploy wide-scale.

ALCAN Smart Antenna Solves the Problem: ALCAN has a revolutionary low-cost smart antenna that is ultra-thin, flat, light and without any mechanical moving parts, allowing it to be mounted inconspicuously within flat or curved surfaces. The antenna has electronic beam steering (i.e. signal tracking) capability, allowing it to continuously track signals from GEO, MEO or LEO satellites from stationary or mobile platforms.

Revolutionary LC based Technology: ALCAN’s beam steering feature is implemented using a liquid crystal (LC) layer inside a phased-array antenna. The LC is controlled by means of electromagnetic field, which changes the direction of the received or transmitted beam without physically turning the antenna. 

Leveraging Existing LCD Production Capacity: As these antennas have a similar LC core as LCD TV’s, existing display production capacity can be leveraged to help achieve very low production costs


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