General Terms of Service

By purchasing any GVF training course or exam for yourself or for use by others, or by registering as a student or enrolling in any GVF course, you agree to these General Terms of Service.

1. Individual accounts. Each student is assigned their own individual learning account. Students may not share accounts. A course enrollment may be reassigned to another student upon request only if the original student has not begun work in the course. Subscriptions may not be transferred.

2. Subscription-included ("SI") courses. If the payments for your subscription to the GVF Knowledge Center are current, you will be enrolled in any SI online course when you send a request to GVF training support. Allow up to 48 hours for your enrollment to be processed. Not all courses in the training catalog are SI. A list of SI courses is available on the GVF training web site. Hands On Skills Tests and other on-site training are NOT SI.

4. Payments. All GVF training-related payments must be remitted to GVF's agent SatProf, Inc. Payment option details are listed on Do not remit training payments to GVF.

5. Additional approvals. Certain courses may require additional approval by GVF or entities associated with GVF; in those cases, you may be required to complete an application form. If your application is approved, and you have made arrangements for payment of the course tuition or the course is Subscription-Included, you will then be enrolled. Applications may be denied at the sole discretion of GVF or the GVF-associated entity. If it is denied, you will not be enrolled in that course, even if the course is SI.

6. Course-specific terms and conditions. Some courses have Terms and Conditions which will not be presented until you open the course the first time. You must agree to these before you may continue into the course.

7. Individual subscriptions. If you subscribe to the GVF Knowledge Center as an individual, you agree to pay for a minimum of one year. After that, you agree to pay your subscription dues a minimum of one month in advance. If you cancel your subscription, either by notifying us or by failing to keep your subscription paid up, you will lose all benefits of the Knowledge Center subscription, and a $150 fee must be paid in order to reinstate your subscription.

8. Bulk subscription orders. Multiple individual subscriptions may be ordered at reduced cost ("bulk subscription"). The purchasing entity must designate the specific student assigned to each subscription (the "Seat"). Terms and conditions for each individual subscription apply to that subscription, including the one-year minimum duration and the reinstatement fee. A student may convert the bulk subscription Seat assigned to that student to an individual subscription at the standard fee, or may convert that bulk subscription to coverage under another entity's bulk subscription order or site license (for example, if the student leaves the purchasing entity); in these cases, the reinstatement fee will be waived if the conversion is made within 30 days of the student's departure from the purchasing entity.

9. Site licenses. If an entity or portion of an entity (such as a department or business unit) has a paid-up site license, GVF will enroll any Eligible Staff Member in any SI course at no additional cost. Eligible Staff Members are defined as all full-time employees and full-time contractors of the purchasing entity or a mutually-agreed portion or the entity. If the payment for site license is not kept current or the entity cancels the site license, GVF may suspend all access to all enrolled students, and a $150 per enrolled student fee will apply upon reinstatement. If a student is designated by the entity's representative as no longer an Eligible Staff Member, then that student will no longer have access to subscription benefits.

Course seats provided under a site license may not be resold. The site license fee is generally based on the profile of the entity, the approximate number of Eligible Staff Members, and other factors determined solely by GVF. At the end of each billing period, GVF may review the status of the entity and make reasonable adjustments to the site license fee. Upon request, the entity will provide GVF with an attestation that the number of Eligible Staff Members is reasonably accurate and has not been understated for the purpose of reducing the site license fee.

10. Andrew Werth Scholarship Program. GVF offers a one-for-one contribution of training seats to qualified developing country and UN/NGO students, in the form of a 50% discount on tuition and subscriptions. Additional terms and conditions for this program are listed separately on

11. Experts Forum. GVF operates online discussion areas (the Experts Forum) for the purpose of encouraging student interaction and expert support. Access is granted to paid-up Knowledge Center subscribers and to students with unexpired courses. By entering the Experts Forum, you agree: 1. To abide by the rules of conduct stated in the Experts Forum; 2. Not to post personal information, anything that you, your employer, or your customers, or your colleagues could consider proprietary or confidential; 3. Not to post information or questions about salaries, job comparisons, employment comparisons, or other sensitive topics; 4. Not to post anything that anyone of any culture could consider threatening, insulting, demeaning, harassing, or in poor taste; 5. To accept that GVF has the final right to post or remove any information you submit for any reason.

12. Course Expiration. All learning courses expire, most at 90 days after enrollment. GVF will grant one 30-day extension at no charge upon request to Additional extensions may be granted under extenuating circumstances, but GVF's decision on extension requests is final. Knowledge Center subscribers and Eligible Members of a site license holder organization are entitled to extensions to all SI courses for as long as payments for their subscriptions or site license remains current.

13. Recertifications. GVF certifications may have expiration periods and processes for recertification, as defined in the information about each program. If payment for your subscription or site license is current, you may take any required online recertification exam, and any new versions of previously-enrolled prerequisite courses, at no additional charge. Non-subscribers may be required to pay a recertification exam fee, and to purchase new versions of prerequisite courses. If your certification has expired, GVF may remove your listing from the certification database.

14. Profile and personal information. GVF will not sell or knowingly distribute your personal information, except that: 1. GVF may display your contact details and certification status on the GVF public certification database report, unless you use the Edit My Profile function to restrict if and how you will be listed; and 2. GVF may share your contact details and certification status with the organization who funded your tuition or subscription fees. You agree to keep your contact information up to date using the Edit My Profile function, including indicating if you are willing to assist in a disaster.

15. Honor policy. As a GVF student, you agree that:

  • You will register for only one account, and you will not share your account or login details with any other person.
  • Your answers to quizzes, exams, skills tests, and any other assessments will be your own work.
  • You will not make solutions to quizzes, exams, skills tests, and any other assessments available to anyone else. This includes both solutions written by you and any solutions provided by others.
  • You will not engage in any activities that will dishonestly improve your results or dishonestly improve or hurt the results of others.

16. Copyright and intellectual property. You understand that SatProf, GVF, or the original owner hold all copyright to the learning materials. You may not make any copies of any materials, except that you may download and print copies of provided reference materials strictly for your own use, provided that you do not distribute them to any other person, even within the same organization. You agree not to reverse engineer, disassemble, or imitate the function of any scripts, simulators, animations, texts, or other learning materials.

17. Certification requirements. You understand that you must meet all stated requirements in order to receive a certification. These may include viewing pages, passing tests, and passing simulator-based skills tests. GVF may grant waivers or retakes at its sole discretion.

18. Export restrictions. You understand that GVF training services are covered by U.S. export control laws. You agree not to use the training, or the knowledge or skills acquired from the training, in any country subject to U.S. sanctions or embargoes (unless these activities are lawfully excepted) or in any other way use the training in a way that contravenes U.S. law. For specific details, consult these guidelines.

19. Administration and assignment of seats. You agree not to assign any GVF training account to any student who is, or can be reasonably anticipated to be, unable or unwilling to comply with any of these General Terms of Service, including but not limited to Export Restrictions.