Tele-Health Commission

The GVF Tele-Health Commission targets the application of new satellite-enabled ICT technologies to enhance sustainable and scalable program development and dissemination for healthcare, education and rehabilitation workforce and systems strengthening, and technology training and transfers for—

  • Capacity building for healthcare, education, (re)habilitation, public health, civic personnel, successful regulatory and policy practice, and more;
  • Disseminating evidence-based practices for cost-effective, quality public health, health care delivery, education, and rehabilitation for related human and social capital resource growth and policy development;
  • Building on site and virtual learning Communities of Practice (CoPs), Leadership, and Advocacy as well as related mentor and peer support networks to improve knowledge exchange and transfer, access to resources, and global communication;
  • Mitigating geographic barriers to subject experts and peers; and
  • Providing ready access to evidence-based knowledge, skills, and mentoring by establishing ‘twinning centers’ of excellence and telepractice networks.

Applications of advanced technologies create innovative opportunities for growing alliances and linking partners, peers, and mentor/mentees. This strategy pinpoints a key development priority that could alter the cyclical state of extreme poverty in low-income countries: shifting the development emphasis from building institutional capital to that of human capital growth. Opportunities exist as a result of these technology advances, notably in health care, rehabilitation, and education arenas, to expedite the transfer of needed knowledge and skills and thus, contribute to capacity building and service delivery on a broad scale in low- and middle-resourced countries.

To explore collaboration, contact Evelyn Cherow, President, GPU, and Lead, GVF Tele-Health Commission.

GVF Full Members

  • Arabsat - Arab Satellite Communications Organisation
  • Eutelsat Communications
  • Hughes Network Systems LLC
  • Viasat
  • Speedcast
  • SES Networks
  • iDirect
  • Inmarsat
  • Newtec
  • Intelsat
  • OneWeb
  • Telesat
  • Kacific Broadband Satellites
  • Knight Sky, LLC
  • Wiley Rein