As satellite communications have become more popular, the number of earth stations entering the marketplace has increased dramatically. With millions of fixed and mobile satcom terminals now planned for production, GVF’s Mutual Recognition Arrangement Working Group (MRA-WG) represents the global satellite industry — including satellite operators, earth station manufacturers and integrators — as they co-ordinate industry initiatives that help improve the quality of satcom equipment.

For more than 15 years, the group’s mandate has been to create consensus-based solutions that enable more effective practices associated with quality manufacturing of satellite communications equipment. Accordingly, the MRA-WG provides type-approvals testing and earth-station characterisations for industry. Through the GVF Satcom Products Catalogue, the association also provides the global user community with access to products that have been tested, characterised or otherwise vetted by Member companies that administer their own product quality assurance programme in co-ordination with GVF.

The MRA-WG Co-Chairmen are Fulvio Fresia, President of F2SatConsulting and Colin Robinson of GD Satcom, who has been an active member of the MRA-WG since its inception in 1999. The MRA-WG comprises a Satellite Operator Forum, which is Co-Chaired by Fritz Schurig, Head of Earth Station Operations, Missions and Satellite Programs Department, EUTELSAT, and Fulvio Fresia.

Meetings are held periodically, worldwide. When necessary, the MRA-WG constitutes Drafting Groups, which formulate technical deliverables. The MRA-WG also Certifies Authorised Test Entities (ATEs), who co-ordinate with operators and manufacturers to administer product testing and evaluation.

The MRA-WG is currently helping to reduce interference generated by not only C-band and Ku-band satellite earth stations, but also new Ka-band fixed and mobile systems, “Comms on the Move” terminals, maritime platforms, as well as auto-deploy products. For access to the industry’s highest performing systems, refer to the GVF Satcom Products Catalogue.

GVF Full Members

  • Arabsat - Arab Satellite Communications Organisation
  • Eutelsat Communications
  • Hughes Network Systems LLC
  • Viasat
  • Speedcast
  • SES Networks
  • iDirect
  • Inmarsat
  • Newtec
  • Intelsat
  • OneWeb
  • Telesat
  • Kacific Broadband Satellites
  • Knight Sky, LLC
  • Wiley Rein